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Tembi Locke has made a career starring in over fifty television shows and films. She has appeared and recurred on long-running series such as NCIS, THE MENTALIST, CASTLE, BONES, FRIENDS. For two seasons she played Dr. Grace Monroe on the Syfy an favorite EUREKA. You can enjoy her comedic turn opposite Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in DUMB AND DUMBER TWO and on The CW series, CRAZY EX GIRLFRIEND. Currently, she has recurring roles on the critically acclaimed series THE MAGICIANS.

Born to civil rights activist parents in Houston, TX, Tembi was named by legendary South African folksinger and activist Miriam Makeba. Her name, Tembekile, means “trustworthy.” It was a politically charged beginning for the girl who once watched late night re-runs of The Planet of the Apes while her father taught her the ins and outs of disengaging an FBI wiretap on the family phone.


Resilience -  Sparking Spirit and Lighting the Fire of Renewal

As a young widow, Tembi walked through a wilderness of deep grief before she could find herself again. Losing her husband, after a decade of critical care, left her smack in the middle of a life she didn’t recognize and would never have chosen. And yet, as mother and creative artist she knew the only way forward was through it. She would have to grieve hard and without a road map before she would feel the spark of her spirit that would ultimately light the fire of her renewal. Widowhood changes everything.

Seed to Soul – Building Community When It Matters Most

Food and gardening are among of the tenants of the grief experience. We bring food when someone dies, plant a tree to commemorate their life. However, in communities disproportionately affected by loss (due to gun violence, lack of healthcare, poor diet) we see children and families struggling to process trauma without the social emotional resources needed to heal and thrive. These same communities are also were we see food injustice

What 40 Steps Taught Me About Caregiving, Loss & Grief

Tembi shares those private moments of loss and love, of how to help each other through moments of crisis, and ultimately how to transform grief and illness into emerging resilience. An actor, mother, writer, artist, chef’s wife and now a young widow, she is passionate about bringing people together in moments of crisis and helping others through hard transitions with innovative, supportive strategies. She raises awareness about how to support each other through times of illness and grief. Tembi guides her audience through reclaiming the lost art of comforting the soul. Using the tools she learned at the side of her chef husband, she chops, tastes and transforms the raw ingredients of loss and gratitude into something generous and sustaining.

Children & Loss

Tembi reminds us why children need adults to share memories after a loss. She shares advice, reflections and reminds us of the importance of family friendship after loss.

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