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Rubin Pillay, MD, PhD is a high performance, versatile and commercially astute healthcare executive offering a twenty eight year career of impressive successes in healthcare as a clinician, academic, leader and innovator/entrepreneur. A medical futurist and Professor of Healthcare Innovation, he is currently the Assistant Dean for Global Health Innovation at the School of Medicine, and the Chief Innovation Officer of the Health System at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He was previously the Daniel White Jordan Chair and the founding Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation in the Spears School of Business and Center for Health Sciences at Oklahoma State University.


HealthCare’s Renaissance: Converging to Heal

We are living through what is arguably the most challenging time for the health care industry. Most health systems consistently underperform on one or more dimensions of performance related to the process of care delivery as well as outcomes.

The Art of the Heal - What does Trump's win mean for Healthcare In America?

76% of consumers want President-elect Trump to make healthcare a priority. Like a chief executive hired to turn a failing company into a profitable one, president-elect Trump has said he will take an unflinching corporate approach to overhauling the US healthcare system.

Become The CEO of Your Own Health - Physicians Optional

Healthcare is on the cusp of radical change - we' re in the midst of an avalanche of converging technologies in medical science, software, hardware and communications and this perfect storm is giving patients the tools to not only participate in, but direct their own care.

SMARTPHONES - The Doctor's Bag of 21st Century Healthcare

The field of healthcare is entering a period of explosive transformation. Over the past decade, smartphones have radically changed many aspects of our everyday lives, from banking to shopping to entertainment.

The Consumerization of Healthcare . . . Implications For Providers & Payers

Macro environmental forces in healthcare are driving a transformation among healthcare consumers. Far from being the traditionally-passive recipients of care that was prescribed and financed by others, consumers are being called upon to take a greater hand in managing and paying for their own health.

Improving the Innovation Intelligence of your Healthcare Organization

Strategies and Business Models for Next Generation Hospitals

The global healthcare industry is undergoing a profound and fundamental shift towards improving overall health, patient outcomes and value for the health system.

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