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Aaron E. Carroll, MD, MS, is a Professor of Pediatrics, Associate Dean for Research Mentoring, and the Director of the Center for Health Policy and Professionalism Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine. His research focuses on health care financing reform; the study of information technology to improve pediatric care; and areas of health policy including physician malpractice and the pharmaceutical industry/physician relationship.

Dr. Carroll was one of the first to study the use of mobile devices, such as Palm Pilots, in actual care and has written numerous publications on the subject.


Healthcare in the U.S.: Preparing for 2017 and Beyond

Listening to media coverage about the US health care system, it can seem impossible to get a real handle on what's going on. Moreover, understanding what the future holds for health care reform, and how it will affect people, businesses, and the country doesn't appear possible. Contrary to what many say, there are a number of replacement plans for the ACA that have Republican support. The problem is that these plans differ on critical issues, and resolving them may be difficult. This year may be the most critical since the law was first past. Dr. Carroll, a leading expert on health care reform, uses publicly available data and unbiased research to cut through the rhetoric and clearly explain potential changes, including:

Moving Forward: The Future of Information Technology In Health Care

Although great improvements in the use of information technology always seem to be right around the corner, our health care system is still in the Stone Age with respect to its use. It is shocking, and somewhat embarrassing, that while computers and information systems are the backbone of nearly every other industry or endeavor in the world, the health care system often lacks even the simplest of improvements.

Global Healthcare: What Can the US Health Care System Learn From Other Countries?

As we in the US continue to fight about how to fix our health care system, many are starting to look globally to see what other systems can teach us about reform. Contrary to what many in the media often portray, there are many, many different kinds of health care systems all over the world. Some do better in terms of quality, some do better in terms of access, and almost all of them do better in terms of costs.

Myths, Lies and Misconceptions

from the co-Author of such books as "Don't Swallow Your Gum: Myths, Half-truths and Outright Lies About Your Body and Health," and "Don't Cross Your Eyes . . . They'll Get Stuck That Way!: And 75 Other Health Myths Debunked."

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