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Mark Mayfield

  • Solid Business Wisdom in a Brilliant Comedic Style
  • Managing Change, Stress Management, Humor in the Workplace
  • Former corporate lobbyist, business owner, nightclub performer and teacher
  • Authored several business books and joke books


It’s pretty simple what Mark Mayfield does: he talks about very serious stuff in a very funny way.  

Mark has one of the most diversified backgrounds in the speaking industry having owned and operated several businesses ranging from livestock production to nightclubs to golf instruction, and also spent ten years as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. and in thirteen state legislatures for a Fortune 500 company. That business experience combined with his work as a nightclub performer allowed him to create truly unique presentations.  His tagline is simple: Solid Business Wisdom in a Brilliant Comedic Style.  He is one of the rare individuals in the world who is equally adept at performing comedy shows or high content speeches.


MORPH (Managing Change)

This is a humorous approach to a very serious subject and emphasizes that creativity is the key component in managing change. Learn change theory and creative exercises in this upbeat, fast paced program that will leave you laughing and leave you with change management skills.


Stressed out? Lethargic? Burned out? This program will help you solve those ills by learning five behaviors that will help balance your life and by learning  techniques to deal with your biggest stressor…PEOPLE! This keynote is high on content AND hilarity.

MIRTHMAKING (Humor in the Workplace)

Adding humor (actually mirth) to your work and life can have profound economic benefits as well as just making it more fun. Learn the value of a good sense of humor and how to improve yours in this outrageously funny, yet very practical program.

AG SHIFT: The Changing Face of Agriculture

This program is an entertaining reminder of the continual shift agriculture must make to stay competitive and vibrant.  As sentimentalists, it’s sometimes difficult for agriculture to give up on tradition, but not changing is no longer an option.  Listen and laugh as Mark takes you through the technology and communication and coalition adaptations to keep agriculture alive and well.  Learn how an active minority can prevail over an apathetic majority.

FUNNY STUFF (Comedy Show)

This is clean stand-up comedy that’s perfect for after dinner entertainment or as a change of pace. Sit back and hold your sides as we take a zany, offbeat look at everyday life. A non-stop, rollicking ride of humor you’ll be quoting for a very long time.


This light and lively program will help you see the customer’s perspective and examines issues like credibility, reliability, and responsiveness.  You’ll understand the myths of customer service and see how to move your customers beyond satisfaction to advocacy.


Mark can provide comedic professionalism as the emcee for your program OR he can pose as an official in some capacity. He has impersonated a Professor, IRS Examiner, Jeweler, Legislator, Salesperson, and Runway Model as he fumbled and bumbled through company doublespeak. After the spoof is revealed, he transitions into one of the above programs.

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