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Justin Osmond

  • Expert on Resiliency, Discovering Your Strengths, Overcoming Fear & Change
  • Born 90% deaf and the son of Merrill Osmond, lead singer of The Osmonds
  • Producer, Humanitarian, Inspirational Speaker, Founder and CEO of the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund
  • Author of Hearing With My Heart, where he shares his incredible story and helps folks understand their own individual struggles and how to overcome them


Justin has a unique ability to capture and captivate his audience with stories calling on reserves of courage, determination and self-belief in order to succeed and sometimes to simply survive. He offers his audience an extraordinary experience by sharing life lessons and translating his life experiences into an entertaining and motivational keynote that is relevant to his audiences from academic and government to corporations world-wide.

Justin has led an extraordinary life and found himself learning vital lessons from his unique circumstances. Growing up with a 90% hearing loss is hard for anyone, but being the son of Merrill Osmond, the lead singer of the world-renowned Osmond Family, made deafness an even bigger challenge for him.


Sound Advice with Merrill & Justin Osmond*

Merrill Osmond, lead singer of The Osmonds, has spent nearly 60 years in show business. The lessons Merrill has learned along the way are absolutely priceless and worth sharing. He’s made it his personal mission to spend the rest of his life passing on these valuable tools with audiences around the world.

Justin Osmond, the 2nd son of Merrill, has “overcome” a 90% hearing loss and though he was constantly told he couldn’t, he’s proved them wrong and has gone on to run several successful businesses & charities. He knows that the work ethic, persistence, positive attitude and goal-oriented skills he’s developed have been crucial in his life and he enjoys sharing these messages with others.

Freedom from Fear and Limitations
  • How to master, disintegrate & overcome your fears from self-doubt and self-imposed limitations
  • The Risks, Tragedies & Failures of living below our capacities
  • The Benefits, Strengths & Blessings of living above our abilities
Discovering your Strengths
  • The SOLUTION to discovering your Strengths and unleashing your Genius
  • Challenge ourselves to set goals that will stretch us & help us discover what we’re truly capable of
Make Life a Mission, not an Intermission
  • Rollercoaster ride through emotions of fear, frustration, loss, despair to humor, triumph & glory
  • How to own the whole tree and not just the low-hanging fruit
Changing Habits & Standards
  • KEY to learn, grow & become better than you’ve ever been
  • The MYSTERY on how to go from VISION to REALITY
Overcome Challenges & Adversity
  • We all have challenges, but the SECRET is to not let those Challenges have us
  • The Acorns in our lives and how they drive us to a “higher level of thinking and motivation”

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