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Darryle Pollack

  • Cancer Survivor – Diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer as a young mom with two small children
  • Online influencer and thought leader
  • Co-founded WHOA Network, Women Honoring our Age
  • Author and “accidental ” artist


Featuring her inspiring TEDx talk on its website, Upworthy describes Darryle Pollack as “a woman on a journey.” That remarkable journey of unexpected highs and lows has made Darryle a role model of resilience, authenticity and vitality.

Darryle’s life started off almost magically positive: being in the first class of women to graduate from Yale, a pioneering career as a woman reporter and anchor in TV news; Mel Brooks introducing her to her husband. But she also encountered speed bumps and boulders – her mother’s premature death at 41, a divorce, a diagnosis of Stage III breast cancer as a young mom with two small children.


Finding Power in Life’s Broken Pieces: Becoming the Artist of your own Life

One of the things we can count on in life is to expect the unexpected. Stuff happens. Challenges that are confounding, confusing, and confronting are always part of life and can derail forward motion. Those broken pieces don’t always fall into place by themselves. Yet things that break can bring about the breakthrough that can make you. Stage III breast cancer was the catalyst that changed Darryle Pollack from powerless to powerful.

Aging: From Fear To Fierce

Darryle Pollack could be the MOST unlikely person to talk about getting older……..Since she never expected to get there. Fully expecting to repeat the destiny of her mother who died at 41, Darryle seemed on track for a premature death when she was diagnosed with stage III cancer herself in her early 40’s.

Recipe For Survival Soup

While working with organizations and individuals to mentor and help cancer survivors, Darryle Pollack, a 20 year Survivor of stage III cancer herself, developed her own unique ingredients for survival, using the metaphor of cooking. She finds this quite ironic since she comes from a long line of Jewish Mothers who can’t cook. Darryle’s creation is a different kind of recipe, …what she calls “Survival Soup.”

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