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Cynthia Green, PhD

  • One of America’s Foremost Memory Fitness and Brain Health Experts
  • Founder and President of Memory Arts, LLC
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Founded The Memory Enhancement Program at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Author of Your Best Brain Ever, written in collaboration with the National Geographic Books, was named a “Top Guide to Life After 50” by the Wall Street Journal


Cynthia R. Green, Ph.D., is one of America’s foremost memory fitness and brain health experts. Dr. Green is the founder and president of Memory Arts, LLC, a company that provides memory fitness and brain health training to organizations, corporations, and individuals. She is also an acclaimed author, respected lecturer, and sought-after spokesperson known for her engaging and personable presentation style. Dr. Green has appeared on Good Morning America, The Early Show, 20/20, Fox News, The Martha Stewart Show, CNBC, and National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation,” as well as in the pages of Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The London Standard, Good Housekeeping, Prevention, and Parenting.


WELCOME TO THE BRAIN AGE: The Revolutionary New Science of Cognitive Health and What Your Should Know About It

Brain health is one of today’s hottest topics. But what exactly does it mean to be brain healthy? How can we achieve better brain health? Do those new brain fitness software programs really work? Join us and learn the latest scientific evidence for interventions to improve everyday thinking, memory and reduce dementia risk. Leave with 9 practical steps you can begin immediately take action to boost your personal brain vitality.

Memory Matters: Simple Strategies for Increasing Workplace Effectiveness

Excellent memory is critical for success in today’s business world. Employees need to handle multiple tasks, manage details and maximize their performance and time. More and more companies realize that strong memory skills are essential to quality work performance – and their bottom line.

What HR Should Know About Brain Health: The Science and Practical Applications of Brain Fitness in the Workplace

Helping employees stay sharp and productive at work is a key concern to HR, especially as workers over 50 become a significant part of the corporate landscape.

I Don’t Have Time to Relax! Stress Management for Busy People

To be stressed is human. Yet many of us are unaware of the serious impact stress can have on our bodies and our minds. Developing good stress management solutions is a critical part of any overall personal wellness plan designed to keep us at peak performance for work and play.

The Total Memory Workout: 8 Easy Steps to Maximum Memory Fitness

Quit losing the car keys. Retain more details from conversations. And – best of all – never forget another name. Those are just a few of the benefits audiences take home from this popular program based on Dr. Green’s acclaimed book “Total Memory Workout.”

Leading a Brain Healthy Life: How Daily Choices We Make Can Maximize Memory and Boost Brain Fitness

Many of us frustrated by forgetfulness are unaware that the lifestyle choices we make day to day affect how we perform at work and at home. Yet there is overwhelming evidence that many factors we deal with daily – such as fatigue, diet, or emotional distress – can really lower our memory potential.

Get Organized! Why Managing Your Life Matters to Your Memory and What You Can Do About It

It is difficult for you to accomplish all you need to do in a day? Could you keep better track of what you need to do and get more done if you were better organized? “Get Organized!” gives audience members solid, practical advice about organization and time management, including:

Why Can’t Realtors Remember? Memory Fitness Just for the Real Estate Professional

Making it in the real estate business demands excellent recall skills. Is your memory really up to the task? Learn why better memory fitness habits are an essential professional tool for any broker looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

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