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Carl Hammerschlag, MD

  • Award-winning master storyteller
  • Expert on surviving in rapidly changing cultures
  • Recipient of the National Caring Award
  • Humanitarian clown with Patch Adams
  • International recognized author, physician, speaker and healer


Carl Hammerschlag, MD is a master storyteller and internationally recognized author, physician, speaker, healer, and humanitarian clown. A Yale-trained psychiatrist; he has spent more than twenty years working with Native Americans. He is an expert on community-based health care, how to survive in rapidly changing cultures, and a leading authority in the practical applications of Psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body-spirit medicine). A faculty member at the University of Arizona Medical School, the Chief of Community Mental Health, Gesundheit! Institute, and founder of the Turtle Island Project, a non-profit, multidisciplinary organization whose programs integrate the principles of mind/body/spirit medicine with Native American rituals and ceremonies.


The Journey of Heroes: Facing Challenge, Choice and Change

Change is the biological order of the universe. How you come to those changes is more important than the challenges they represent. It’s hard for us to change, as a species we seem to want to maintain the status quo. We are comfortable with the familiar even if it keeps us from achieving greater success by doing things differently. Sometime in our lives we will face difficult and serious challenges. If we can balance our fear of change with our hopes for the future then we can transform threats into opportunities.

Creating the New Competitive Advantage:
The Last Mask of the Authentic Leader

Only when we shed the masks that inhibit growth and learn to explore our preconceptions and face our fears can we take the risks to become great leaders. In this age of public scrutiny and accountability, Dr. H discusses leadership in terms of pursuing authenticity; creating environments that encourage risk-taking; appreciating the power of the unconscious, intuitive mind; and transmitting the clearest sense of mission and values.

Life Between the Pings

Wireless technology is reprogramming human behavior on a massive scale. We can stay connected to friends, family, do business, and foment uprisings; we can talk, listen to music, and look at streaming video while driving. 85% who have a handheld device are never more than an arms length away from them. As a culture, we are always ready to respond to the sound of the ping, and stop whatever we’re doing and be someplace else.

Authenticity and Leadership: Sustaining Your Passion and Purpose

Saying what you mean, and doing what you promise, is no longer the custom in our culture. Nowadays, it’s more common to say whatever people want to hear, or whatever you can get away with. Right and wrong is now determined by courts of law rather than a shared consensus about what’s ethical and moral.

The Future of Healthcare: Healing in Community

Today’s healthcare model is based on an intervention (we diagnose illness and prescribe treatment). The future of healthcare will be based on a model of prediction and prevention. We can do that and get reimbursed for it, but it means moving beyond office and hospital walls, and into the community. Healthcare in the future will be provided in schools, after-school programs, senior centers designed to keep people healthy.

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KEYWORDS: Change, fear, healing in community, Leadership, Authenticity, Passion, Purpose, Competitive Advantage, Facing Challenges